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My new blog is ready! 🙂

This blog will not be deleted, because I am going to keep it as archives.

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Sad News. . .

Hi Followers 🙂

I’ve got sad news for you today. . . My blog is moving to -so I won’t be posting on here anymore.

The good news is that the other blog will be more awesome, and easier to update 🙂

I’ll post the link for y’all soon.



I just found a brilliant website for recipes – you can even set how salty/spicy/sweet/and loads more/ you want it. You can sign in with FB or Google, or you can just create an account. 

 Keep in mind that you don’t need to create an account to view the recipes -just to save them. (: It’s a super website.


Piano Exam

My grade 3 Piano Exam is next week! That is scary. . . It’s on Friday, and quite a distance from where we live, so we’ll pick up my piano teacher and then go from there. 🙂 I hope it’s in the middle of the day so we don’t hit traffic!! Schools also close on that day -not me, though. I want to be done by mid October so that I can do the NaNoWriMo competition. 🙂

No Electricity

Yesterday we had no electricity, and no cell-phone reception from 6am until  5:40pm. Needless to say, there was no internet. 

Luckily the camera was fully charged. I took an estimation of about 350 photos yesterday -some of them I’m really happy with. I’ll post a few on the blog sometime. And then the camera died 😦 So I played Monopoly with my brother. 

I am really, really interested in Photography, and I am actually going to start a course again (I did start but then I stopped because we were moving or something like that) probably on 🙂 There are some brilliant, free courses on that website, so go check it out.  You even get a badge for completing it -I will post it on here when I’m done with the course. I did a complete Blogger course, which was very helpful, a year or two ago. 

I really recommend you check it out. You can enroll in anything from Microsoft Word, to French, and Maths, to Google Sketch-up (also a brilliant course, by the way. I did that one too).

Yesterday was lovely and sunny and today is overcast 😦 Why can’t it be proper Spring yet? 

Two more months until ThanksGiving!!!!!! Yahooo!! I can’t wait! 😀 

—–You’re wondering…. “But you’re not American… You don’t celebrate Thanksgiving…”

But my family does celebrate it -since about 6 years ago. We lived around lots and lots of Americans, and we celebrated with them, and when we moved then we just kept doing it. Although two years ago we were one Thursday early! 🙂 Whoops! But sometimes we have Chicken instead of Turkey. Sometimes it’s hard to find Turkeys before Christmas.—-

This post is extremely long, so I am going to stop. 🙂 


Lost in India

My family and I registered for a a project called Lost in India through Sonlight (the curriculum we use for school) and it looks really fun. 

 You sign up ( as a family or group -or just for yourself. And then they send you a little suitcase to keep your money in (I’ll get to that in a minute) and they also send you a “passport”. It does take about 10 working days to post it, though. 

The Lost in India is a challenge where you pray for the kids in India, and then you also do fundraising, keep the money in the suitcase, and at the end of the challenge you donate it. For every dollar (R10) one kid can go to a bible club (10 days). For $40, 40 kids can go. For $100, a whole village can go!! It’s really exciting.

We’re going to bake biscuits etc. to raise money. We want to try to raise $100 (R1,000). 

I will shortly make a page on my blog dedicated to Lost In India 🙂

The challenge starts October 8th. So go sign up! It’s free! 


New Theme


So, as you may have noticed, my blog has a new name, since it’s Spring and Blue Birds Singing in the Rain was not applicable anymore. The new name is The Life of a Teenage Homeschooler. I also have a new theme (yay!), so if you’re receiving this on email, be sure to go to my blog page ( and check it out.


Photo Shoot

Today was awesome! I arranged to do a photo shoot with a few of my friends, but unfortunately two were sick 😦 (Hope you get better soon!) So only one made it, but it was still extremely fun!!

We got some brilliant photos!! 🙂 

It’s amazing how many awesomely awesome photos you can take if you just set aside two or three hours to get ready and take the photos.


Steamed Cakes

I recently found out that if you steam a cake instead of baking it, it comes out way, way more moist! 🙂

I made the batter for a moist chocolate cake, and then put it in a tin (lined with foil) and into the steamer it went. It’s still in the steamer -it’s been 40min. It’s not baked yet, but it’s definitively nearly there. While that was baking/steaming, I put a glass bowl over a pot of steaming hot water, and melted 6 blocks of dark chocolate. Then, once melted and smooth, I placed it into a plastic bag (sandwich bags) and snipped off the end of the point of the bag.

Then I made decorations and let them harden. I added a photo of them, so that you get an idea of what they look like.

I alsoImage made two normal icingsugar-water icings, one with cocoa powder in it, and the other plain. These will bring nice contrast to the cake, and I’ll stick the decorations on top.

I hope this cake turns out moist enough (: I’ll post the recipe for the cake in the next post-this one is too long 🙂