Malawi Prep

It has been decided that we are to leave for Malawi on Saturday. We will be driving through Namibia and Zambia to get there, and on the way back we will be going through Mozambique and Swaziland. All in all, the driving one way will take about 7 days.

We will be 8 people driving to Namibia, drop one of the people off there, and 7 people for the rest of the trip. I need to start choosing which clothes to bring with, too! Nothing short, and no spaghetti tops (this is considered an insult in the African countries) but it will be cold anyway. Darker colors are better, as they don’t attract mosquitoes as much as lighter colors (really don’t want Malaria!) and I will be taking two pairs of shoes -sneakers and flip flops.

 I am really excited about this trip! Unfortunately I won’t be able to blog while on the trip due to lack of internet service (It is really expensive), but I will post photos on the blog and write a lot of posts when we are back.

Have a great day ^_^


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