Want to know how?

Want to write a story and publish it but don’t know how? I’ll tell you, step by step, how I publish my stories/novels.

Step 1. Write your story, and get a friend (or parent) to edit it. You may edit it as well, but most likely you will find mistakes in the plot that you want to change -that is for revising your story. Do that before editing.

Step 2. Go to http://www.kdp.amazon.com and create a free account. Then go to your ‘bookshelf’ on http://www.kdp.amazon.com, and create a new book. Fill in all the information about yourself and the book (It is acceptable to use a pen name, if you choose to do so. I did not.) and then freeze (Just kidding). When you get to the place where they ask you to upload your book cover, stop, and open a new tab on your pc and go to the following address.

Step 3. Create your cover -Go to http://www.createspace.com and create a free account. Sign in and click the blue button that says “Add a New Title”. Fill in the name of your project etc. and click “Paperback”. Also, when you go down, click on the “Expert” not “Guided”. You may be asked to fill in a royalty form thing, but just click whatever, and then go back to your “My Projects” Where you were in the first place. Your name of your book will be listed there. Click on it, and fill in all the details. You don’t need to use the details later, but to be able to access the cover creator unofortunately you need to fill all that stuff in. It will also affect the way your cover looks.

Step 4. Scroll all the way down until you see the section which says “Cover” Then click “Launch Cover Creator”. It will then take you to a place where you can create your own cover, and use royalty and stock free photos, which is pretty cool. So design your cover and then save. View it after that in maximum size, and right click and click “Save as”. And there you have your cover. 

Step 5. Upload your cover onto Amazon Kindle, and your book (Microsoft Word format works best) and everything else required. Click ‘publish’ and they will email you when your book is on Amazon Kindle for sale!

Need ideas for writing your story? Visit my other blog -www.story-centre.blogspot.com ^_^


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