Thursday. . .

Thursday… Let’s see, what have I done today? Usually we have breakfast at 6h30am, and I have to make it (Oats, or just put cereals out on the counter, and make coffee for my parents) so I usually get up at 6h15am, and after breakfast I get dressed. However, this morning I overslept… (I switched off my alarm, and then I fell asleep again, accidentally!) So we only had breakfast at 6h50am, and it was a bit rushed because my dad had to go to work. It was freeeeeeeezing cold this morning, as it’s winter… I can’t wait until November or so, where it’ll be spring again ^_^ Anyways, then I got ready, and at about 10am I started school (Usually I start at 8h30am… But this morning, well, I had to blow dry my hair, which took longer than expected :P) and then I did my schoolwork, made Caramel PopCorn, (Check out my new Recipes page!!) and my brother had sport. Tonight there is going to be a parenting course at our church, and my parents are running it. There will only be about 1-3 kids, so I’ll just keep an eye on them, and we’ll eat the caramel popcorn and watch a movie… 🙂 It’s kind of late-ish for some of them anyway, so they’ll be sleepy. And that’s my not-so-exciting Thursday 😀


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