Wow! Only 10 days left until my birthday! 🙂 Super excited!! Anyways, my music exam is in 6 weeks’ time!! So 2-3 hours of daily practice for me, and schoolwork is getting quite a lot now, too. I will probably have to spend minimum 8 hours on that, maximum 11 hours. (Yep, every single day!) But that’s how it goes with high school work, I suppose. We have been getting up at 6h30am to have breakfast together, (not on weekends! Just in the week) and from there I think I will have to start schoolwork at maybe 7h30am. Then I may be able to finish at 4pm!! 🙂 Usually my schoolwork takes plus minus 4 hours… Maybe 3 if I sit down and concentrate very hard without any breaks… But now I have triple the amount of reading, history, and english/creative expression to do! But that is because I want to finish the year’s work by 18th October so that I can start my prep for NaNoWriMo 2013. I have already signed up. . . My user is lollipop-me for those of my friends reading this 🙂 You can add me as a buddy. I know I keep getting a new user every year, but I loose my details and it’s easier to create a new one. Sorry for any inconvenience! I have also finished the sequel to The Path Before Us, Finding Home, yesterday, so it is on it’s way to be edited and then published! Finding Home will be available on Amazon Kindle on the 15th August 2013! -Yep, next week-So that is my life at the moment… Busy but fun (:


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