Crazy coldness!!

Wow, it is so freezing that when I try to play piano without warming up, my hands like seize up and go all stiff and cold and I can’t play my pieces right! So now I need to warm up before playing 🙂 Today I had a music lesson, and it was raining and hailing… Schoolwork did not happen really today… :/ But tomorrow I’ll be busy all day, I reckon. Finding Home will be released on 15th August 2013, which means that it will be available on Amazon Kindle on the 16th August! So excited to release my third story! Speaking of the 16th, that is the day I have the August meeting for my Bookclub… Pretty cool stuff 🙂 Plus, my birthday is on Monday! Yay! As you can probably tell by my countdown gadget thingy down there on the right side panel, my birthday is in 5 days… 🙂 Which means I am 13 years and 360 days old?!(I think…) Anywho, that is my life, and I thought I would take the risk of letting my hands freeze while I type… Haha 😀

Keep warm, everyone!!



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