Spaceship Story

Here’s a funny story I wrote (maybe a year ago?). Enjoy it, and you may laugh. It’s quite hilarious! -especially the ending.



“There are three space ships coming up, sir,” I said to Captain Forrick

“Allright -get two people at station five and call up Daslee.”

“Yes, sir,”

“On second thoughts, call up Daslee first.”

“But sir, I can’t.”

“Now, Kylia. Now.”

“Yes, sir.” I replied, sighing. “Calling up 2497021 -go to station five and call 276354 as well. Three space ships approaching. Fast. Daslee, come in now.”

“Kylia, you didn’t call Daslee first!”

“sorry sir.” I looked down, staring at my shoes but looked straight up when Captain Forrick grunted unhappily.

`“You may leave me now, Kylia. I have a private call to make.”

“Of course, sir.”

3 hours later

“Kylia ,come in.”

“I’m here.”

“Very sorry to bring you the bad news – you’re out.”

My eyes sprang wide “Out? Who is this? If its the Dori brothers; confess now! I haven’t time for games.”

“I’m sorry, Kylia. Its me, Daslee. You’re out.”

My heart sank down to my toes “Out? Noooo! I can’t be! What did I do to earn this terrible fate?”

Daslee’s voice sounded on the radio again “I’m sorry. We’re approaching 23HN9863 now.”

Daslee put down the receiver of the radio.

Out! How did I deserve this? Now I needed to get to the bottom of the space-ship. I needed to get my belongings together. Just then, the long beep of the receiver rang again.

“Kylia?” It was Daslee again


“You can’t bring any belongings. I’m sorry.”

“What?” I was so upset “I-i-i-i-i”

the receiver was put down again. I crept down to the bottom of the space-ship -the terrible place. I found my room -344B. It had a shabbily dressed bed, on one side, and a closet on the other. Inside the closet were three suites -all of janitors and junior pilots. I wasn’t a janitor, I wasn’t a junior pilot either -I was Co-Pilot Kylia. And now? What had happened?

For days I was among janitors, junior pilots and my old friends – but my old friends weren’t my friends anymore. They were above me. Oh, how? They looked down on me all day and at night I dreamed of them – being my friends. Three people in particular were very nasty to me – just because they had the chance to. Filis and her two daughters Fumelle and Furlee.

It was hard life. And I barely survived. I found myself saying ‘Captain’ more than I blinked. Until, one day, there was a battle. Everyone fought for their own lives. That is, except for me. I saw a man. I heard someone call him Gilbert. And I don’t know what came over me. I rushed to and fro, hitting everyone in my way. I rushed to him. I saw he was injured -suffering. I saw he had a knife in a case in his pocket. I drew it out. His commander mistaken me. I was trying to help – he thought I was going to kill Gilbert – how absurd is that? – and I burst out crying when he took Gilbert away. I was taken to the Fort. Oh, how long hours I spent dreaming of him. Eventually, he came down (after five months) and said; “Oh dearest beloved. Come with me and marry me! Your Enemies have stood by you – Filis, Fumelle and Furlee. And they congratulate you on your marriage!” “I will do anything to be married to you.” I cried

“But, dear, you do not need to do anything! Just say ‘I do’”

“I do”



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