Steamed Cakes

I recently found out that if you steam a cake instead of baking it, it comes out way, way more moist! 🙂

I made the batter for a moist chocolate cake, and then put it in a tin (lined with foil) and into the steamer it went. It’s still in the steamer -it’s been 40min. It’s not baked yet, but it’s definitively nearly there. While that was baking/steaming, I put a glass bowl over a pot of steaming hot water, and melted 6 blocks of dark chocolate. Then, once melted and smooth, I placed it into a plastic bag (sandwich bags) and snipped off the end of the point of the bag.

Then I made decorations and let them harden. I added a photo of them, so that you get an idea of what they look like.

I alsoImage made two normal icingsugar-water icings, one with cocoa powder in it, and the other plain. These will bring nice contrast to the cake, and I’ll stick the decorations on top.

I hope this cake turns out moist enough (: I’ll post the recipe for the cake in the next post-this one is too long 🙂




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