Lost in India

My family and I registered for a a project called Lost in India through Sonlight (the curriculum we use for school) and it looks really fun. 

 You sign up (www.lostinindia.org) as a family or group -or just for yourself. And then they send you a little suitcase to keep your money in (I’ll get to that in a minute) and they also send you a “passport”. It does take about 10 working days to post it, though. 

The Lost in India is a challenge where you pray for the kids in India, and then you also do fundraising, keep the money in the suitcase, and at the end of the challenge you donate it. For every dollar (R10) one kid can go to a bible club (10 days). For $40, 40 kids can go. For $100, a whole village can go!! It’s really exciting.

We’re going to bake biscuits etc. to raise money. We want to try to raise $100 (R1,000). 

I will shortly make a page on my blog dedicated to Lost In India 🙂

The challenge starts October 8th. So go sign up! It’s free! 



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