No Electricity

Yesterday we had no electricity, and no cell-phone reception from 6am until  5:40pm. Needless to say, there was no internet. 

Luckily the camera was fully charged. I took an estimation of about 350 photos yesterday -some of them I’m really happy with. I’ll post a few on the blog sometime. And then the camera died 😦 So I played Monopoly with my brother. 

I am really, really interested in Photography, and I am actually going to start a course again (I did start but then I stopped because we were moving or something like that) probably on 🙂 There are some brilliant, free courses on that website, so go check it out.  You even get a badge for completing it -I will post it on here when I’m done with the course. I did a complete Blogger course, which was very helpful, a year or two ago. 

I really recommend you check it out. You can enroll in anything from Microsoft Word, to French, and Maths, to Google Sketch-up (also a brilliant course, by the way. I did that one too).

Yesterday was lovely and sunny and today is overcast 😦 Why can’t it be proper Spring yet? 

Two more months until ThanksGiving!!!!!! Yahooo!! I can’t wait! 😀 

—–You’re wondering…. “But you’re not American… You don’t celebrate Thanksgiving…”

But my family does celebrate it -since about 6 years ago. We lived around lots and lots of Americans, and we celebrated with them, and when we moved then we just kept doing it. Although two years ago we were one Thursday early! 🙂 Whoops! But sometimes we have Chicken instead of Turkey. Sometimes it’s hard to find Turkeys before Christmas.—-

This post is extremely long, so I am going to stop. 🙂 



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