Photography Ideas

I am going to have a photo shoot with my friends on Monday. With balloons and such. Check out my board on Pinterest called “Photography Ideas”



Free Hugs

I have decided that I am now going to find an old t-shirt and to paint on it;

Free Hugs Here

(: I was never a hugging person, but these hugs are reserved for friends only ^_^

So, I am now going to paint the T-shirt. Or just use a marker 😀

Stream All This

A friend of mine introduced me to and it’s a fabulous website!

You can watch TV shows online, and choose which episode you want to watch. I haven’t seen the Downton Abbey Christmas Specials, so I watched one last night.

It’s brilliant! (It does use internet data, though)

I’ve been reading the series Sister Circle the past few months. I read ‘Round the Corner, and A Place to Belong. Both are brilliantly written.

I can’t wait to buy the other books of the series. (I read the 2nd book, and the 4th book)

Another of my favorites is Prairie Brides, and I also really like the movie called The Concert. It’s amazingly brilliant!

^_^ Spring seems to be appearing, but weather forecast predicts that there will be rain on Monday -30% chance that there will be light rain. I’m not really convinced because the source from where I read it isn’t really reliable.


Today is officially the first day of Spring! Not that you can tell by the weather. It’s raining (Or it was earlier) and sooooo freezingly cold!

But it’s great to know that its “Spring” now.

Enjoy it! I suppose for people in the Northen Hemisphere it’s the first day of Autumn?!

Happy Spring Day (If there is such a thing) ^_^

Downton Abbey

My favorite TV show of all time has got to be Downton Abbey, and then secondly Murder She Wrote and thirdly Monk. 

All of them are brilliant series’, and I highly recommend them 🙂

I can’t wait for the 4th Season of Downton Abbey to be released in January 2014.

I’ve seen the first 3, so I am on the mission to possibly pre-ordering the 4th soon.



And it is snowing outside 🙂 Very fine and small. It melts when it hits the ground though, because the earth is too warm. 2 degrees colder and we’ll have a white garden 😀 

It’s amazing! 

I am now going to my BookClub. So I will post another post tomorrow or so.

^_^ I hope it does snow properly. It’ll be so fun and amazing. As it is, it’s between 1 and 7 degrees cold outside!